Hopper Flat

3 Full Emptying Hopper Bins

3 Full Emptying Hopper Bins

Hoppers are constructed of high-tensile steel with lightweight aluminum doors and a big 24" x 32" opening. End slopes are 45° for easy unloading. The gear-type door operator is extended to the outer rail so you won't have to climb under the trailer to open our hopper doors.


Loaded with features unique to Western Trailers®, our hoppered flat trailers are the ultimate hauler. The built-in hoppers on this tough flatbed allow you to carry a wider range of products on the same trailer.

Using it as a flatbed, you'll find have the same payload and lightweight you've come to expect from Western Trailers®. Then, fold the sides up and remove the floor sections and you've got a hopper trailer ready for bulk loads.

Features included on all Western Hopper Flats

  • Unitized high strength steel mainframe that is completely painted before any aluminum is attached.
  • Extruded aluminum floor with 2 wood nail boards.
  • Six Removable Floor Sections over Hopper Area.
  • Self-Cleaning Cross members in the Hopper Area.
  • Stainless Steel Rear bumper filler

Featured Products

  • Dura-Light™ hubs
  • Hendrickson Intraax™ suspension
  • Jost™ landing gear
  • Michelin™ tires
  • Trucklite™ lights and wiring harnesses
  • Sealco™ air valves
  • Wabco™ anti lock brake systems
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