Supervan® Hardtop

Get the best of both worlds

Get the best of
both worlds

... the flexibility of being able to load and unload freight in any order, from any direction, plus the security of knowing your cargo is dry and clean, no matter what the weather. All of this is yours in a durable, lightweight, high quality trailer: the Supervan Hardtop.


Available in a variety of lengths, payload capacities and axle configurations, our Supervans® are engineered to meet your specific needs. With a fit and finish that keeps resale value high.

Built on our signature Elite® flatbed, Supervans® provide the ruggedness you need and the light weight you want. Durability is achieved through a combination of high-strength steel where it counts most, and the use of weight-saving, high-strength aluminum wherever possible. We build the complete package so, from top to bottom, it's Western quality all the way through.

Constructed upon the Elite® base are flexible mounted front bulkhead, rear door frame, top roller tracks, top rails, roof sheet, and roof bows. An extruded PVC pelment is also attached to prevent any water intrusion. All constructed with aluminum alloy to support the waterproof, high-strength polyester side curtains.

Each side curtain is made from cross-linked, urethane-coated polyester, and constructed in a continuous sheet for maximum strength. They are reinforced with high-strength PVC webbing on 4' horizontal and 2' vertical centers where buckles and rollers are attached. Easy to clean and colorfast the curtains can stand temperatures from -26° to 158° F.

Available in 32 colors, the high gloss curtain material is perfect for imprinting with your company logo, four color photos of products, or anything else you want to display on the sides of the trailer.

For ease of handling and superior protection of any load, it's tough to top the Supervan® Hardtop.

Curtain Van Trailers 48' 102" tandem widespread
53' 102" tandem widespread front slider
53' 102" tandem widespread rear slider
53' 102" quad
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